The Ultimate Guide To Static Caravan Decking

Over the years, static caravans have become increasingly popular as people purchase them to be their home away from home to spend their downtime in. During this time they have developed exponentially. Static caravans nowadays can come already complete with a phenomenal, or you can completely customise one to add to and bring your static caravan to life.

Benefits Of Static Caravan Deckings

Decking is a phenomenal way to transform the look of any property, and that is no exception when it comes to static caravans. Static caravan decking not only helps to improve the aesthetic of the caravan but also the functionality as it extends the living space while also adding a stunning outdoor area for you to relax and unwind.

Many static caravans these days truly are beautiful, however, the addition of decking can help to complete the look and even take it to a whole new level. If your static caravan decking designs have been done correctly then it will not only look the part but will also add to the beauty of your static caravan, giving it a luxurious and beautiful feel. 

Decking done correctly will not only help to improve the look of your caravan but it will also help to improve the overall look and feel of the caravan park it is located on.

Caravans can often be relatively small spaces, so the addition of a decking onto your caravan can come as a welcomed addition as it adds extra living space for you and your family to enjoy and spend time in. If designed correctly then the outdoor decking area can feel just as important to your living space as the indoor areas.

Static caravans to families are normally a home away from home. Having to lug items back and forth every time you visit can be extremely inconvenient, that is where increased storage to your static caravan can come incredibly useful. It allows you to have the space to be able to leave items at the caravan, making life a whole lot easier. 

In addition to this, it also means that when you are occupying the caravan there is more storage space to make sure that everything is neat and tidy and that you are having the most relaxing time possible without having to worry about any ugly clutter.

All of the advantages that we have listed help to increase the allusiveness and therefore the value of your static caravan. Therefore, if you are ever looking to sell your caravan to a reputable dealer like us here. You could potentially get more money for your static caravan and you can value your static caravan online easily in just a few clicks.  

As you increase the look, space and storage of your caravan, you also increase what it is worth to a buyer. While decking can initially be a big investment, it can pay dividends down the line when it comes to selling. Here at Sell The Caravan we offer FREE no obligation valuations for your static caravans and a quick and hassle-free selling process.

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What Are The Different Materials Used For Static Caravan Decking?

The most common material used for static caravan decking throughout the years was always treated wood. This was because there were very few competitors on the market to rival it. However, as time has gone on there have been numerous materials that have become more and more popular.

uPVC Decking

uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a very strong and lightweight plastic building material. Its use in decking has become very popular thanks to its incredible durability and low maintenance. The material is also resistant to both weathering and fading, making it the perfect material for outdoor use.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from a combination of wood fibres and plastic. The material, just like uPVC, is extremely durable and extremely low maintenance. These are both hugely important benefits because it means that you, the customer, will not have to worry about any additional costs like maintenance and repairs.

 Composite static caravan decking also comes in a huge range of different colour choices. This makes it extremely easy to find the perfect colour to complement your caravan.

Wooden Decking

As previously stated, wood was traditionally the go-to material for static caravan decking. This was because of its timeless, natural look and its affordable price tag. However, its popularity began to decline due to the introduction of both uPVC and composite materials to the market and its huge disadvantages like its fire risk and high maintenance upkeep.

Static Caravan Decking Maintenance

Once your decking has been installed, it will need some care and maintenance to make sure that it stays in the pristine condition that you want. These small jobs will make sure that your decking stays looking as good as new.

Static Caravan Decking Costs

As with most things, the cost of static caravan decking ranges. There are so many different variables that can affect the price of deckings such as the size, the material and the location of the installation. So the true cost is very much dependent on what exactly you want from your decking.

There are also add-ons that you may want to customise your decking with that can drive the price up even further. These additions can be things like lights, fences, hot tubs, stairs and so much more that you can do with your deck to make it perfect for you. 

There is a huge discretion in prices depending on what exactly your specifications are, the cost of decking can be anywhere from £3,000 to over £12,000.


The addition of decking to your static caravan can truly transform its aesthetic, and add a whole new list of benefits. Decking is an investment in your static caravan, it increases both the value and liveability of the caravan.

As long as you keep it well maintained and looking amazing then the advantages of a beautiful decking are endless. Decking is perfect if you want to add an element of luxury to your holiday home.

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