Static Caravan Insurance – What You Need to Know

Your static caravan is classed as a “permanent caravan” when it has plumbing and electricity.

You should view your static caravan not as a caravan, but as a residence. It has a permanent location, it may have a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen, and you can live in it for a long period of time. Because of this, you should insure your static caravan!

Read on to learn more about static caravan insurance, what it is, the different types of policy, and how they protect you.

What is static caravan insurance? Why do I need insurance for my static caravan?

Static caravan insurance is there to protect your caravan from anything that can happen to it on site.

Insuring your holiday home is not legally required, however you should insure your static caravan to protect your property from any risks. It should be noted, your site might require proof of an insurance policy or basic liability insurance.

There are two types of static caravan insurance: market value insurance, and new for old insurance.

What to look for

When searching for your static caravan insurance, you need to look for a policy that best protects your caravan. 

Make sure the policy covers things that are relevant to your caravan and location, and remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Look for these things during your insurance search:

You also need to consider the two types of insurance: market value insurance, and new for old insurance.

Types of Static Caravan Insurance

Market Value Insurance

Market value insurance, or “indemnity”, covers the cost of a caravan equal to the caravan you are covering. 

This option is a great option for those with older caravans as caravans are currently holding up well in terms of quality and value. It should be noted that this option requires an evaluation of the age and condition of your caravan, so it may be worth less than you originally paid.

New For Old Insurance

New for old insurance, or “reinstatement” covers your caravan and gives you the option for a like-for-like replacement if something happened to your permanent caravan.

If there is a total loss you will get a replacement of the same model, or a similar model. Your replacement will be up to the value of your insurance policy. This makes this option great for newer caravans, but you will need to keep the replacement value up to date.

What does this cover?

Damage From Other Vehicles

If the site you are using is busy or if you are parked by a road, you should insure your caravan. Even the smallest bump can cause a lot of damage, so not being insured can cost you lots! 

Protecting yourself from impact from other vehicles is so important if it is likely that many vehicles will be passing you.

Storm Damage

As mentioned above, you need to consider your location.

If you are prone to extreme weather on your site, storm damage is essential. This means that you are protected from any high winds or storms that may damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Theft And Vandalism

If you keep high value items in your caravans, you need theft and vandalism protection.

If items are stolen from your caravan, or if they are damaged beyond repair in an act of vandalism, theft and vandalism protection will cover the cost of your belongings.


If your caravan is damaged beyond repair by any of the occurrences your insurance already covers (such as being damaged in a storm or vandalised), your insurance covers your re-siting costs.

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